Run 3

Run 3 Game

is currently one of the most attractive action game in series of Run game. The character in the game is facing a challenge is stuck in a space tunnel. Therefore, how can get out? Let’s join game run 3 to have a fun experiences.
How to play
Control the keyboard in two ways: Method 1: Use letter keys on the keyboard including A, D, W
Press A: Run to the left
Press D: Run to the right
Press W: Jump
Method 2: Use the arrow keys
Press the left arrow key: Run to the left
Press the right arrow key: Run to the right
Press the up arrow key: Jump
Notes on playing
Game run 3 is based on the space tunnel model; in the game, the players need to jump and run through the obstacles to complete each level of play. Difficulty will be increasing through each level, there are many holes and gaps inside the tunnels, Players must run along the wall to find the safest route.
Note that there are many dangerous holes in the tunnels, if the player falls into the hole then the game will stop.
Features, characteristics
The main task of the player is to overcome the obstacles to the finish, each level will be different challenges, if the player overcome each level, he/ she will receive money to buy clothes or power...
Latest improvement of Run 3 Game compared to the previous version is attractive sound and unique 3D graphics - create a sense of realism for players
Currently Run 3 is available on mobile devices so that players can easily install on smart phones to experience.
Join now Run 3 to experience such wonderful feeling
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